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Chivas and Christine came down from Vegas to visit us and shop at IKEA for some furniture. We took them to a local joint for breakfast, and decided on Omelette House. I also got to test out my 5D Mark 2. Coming out of the house, I just had to stop and test out the Mark 2 on my SC. Photos came out way better than I expected; I definitely see the improvement of image quality compared to my D7000.

Before it was lowered…

Met everyone up at Omelette House. Brought in my bigass camera and everyone looked at me as if I was the paparazzi. Took some photos of Chivas and Christine, and made them look like super stars. Chivas’ face when he’s horny/hungry. I should know…

Rolled on to IKEA for Christine to do some shopping and for the rest of us to bromance.

Christine checking out how well this mirror works.

Today was the first day that Chivas started using instagram and well, he was instagramming every chance he got…follow him @sunkist_em1.

On this bed too…

This chair..

And then he got tired after putting so many hashtags on photos…

Time to go cart drifting.

David’s face when he’s having an orgasm.

Chivas found an umbrella and seconds later, he was modeling with it.

Found a kitchen where Chef Chivas did work.

David sneaking into the fridge for some snacks.

Chivas happy with his imaginary food.

Afterwards, we cruised over to Guppy Tea House for some lunch.

Christine really wanted diabetes, so she ordered the biggest drink they had there.

Salmon Fried Rice.

Popcorn chicken.

This guy surprised me with a 50mm 1.4 lens for my birthday! Thank you so much, David! First photo taken with that lens was of him. Hearts and unicorns forever, dawg.

Will be seeing these guys next week in their hometown, can’t wait!

Let’s shoot! Not many car shows that I’m interested in anymore and it’s the same shit over and over. If you want to shoot a self-portrait or your car, hit me up! Just email me at Don’t be shy! I bought a 2k camera not to shoot food, but that’s what I’ve been doing lately…


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