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 Louie hit me up to give my IS250 aka “Cleopatra”, her last shoot because he saw on my Instagram that I was selling her. I’ve always been a fan of Louie’s light painting photography and was stoked that he offered to shoot it. Good thing I don’t have a job because we were able to plan a shoot pretty quick. We decided to meet in Seal Beach where almost all of SoCal goes there for a photo shoot.

Louie’s sick Miata.

Such clean body lines.

Coincidentally we ran into other enthusiasts trying to get some photos in before the sun came down.

Awesome EVO..

Had to get some shots in of my own car, but this lady was in the shot the whole time. She’s a professional photo bomber.

After everyone left, Louie did his thing and light painted my car like a french girl. We thought the shots were so awesome in it’s raw form that we wanted to see if Elvis would feature it on Stance Nation and to his kindness he did!

Please check out the feature on Stance Nation here shot by Louie(@lmphotos)..

VIP + Sport Fusion // Minh Nguyen’s Aimgain IS250


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