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Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 | Event Coverage

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Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 was so awesome, Abbitt and I decided that we would come back again. After months of looking at tickets, the price finally dropped down to $465 round trip. We decided at the moment, 5 months before TAS that we were going.  That gave us time to convince a crew of nine people to go to Japan with us. Why did we commit so early for Tokyo Auto Salon? Because it is one of the best car shows in the entire world. When you go to SEMA, you probably go through a see of vendors to find a car that you will like. At TAS, 75% of the cars are cars that you will make your pants wet. That’s why Japan is an island, they build such cool cars that guys get so wet that they surround themselves with water. If they stopped building cool cars, they would be reconnected with China and Korea again. So make sure you bring extra pants to TAS!

Check out the backpacks, they had extra pants ready.

Entering TAS can be overwhelming, it’s just like using the train here during rush hour. Your butt is going to be touched.

Sick S15 from UP Garage. I’m sad I didn’t go visit one on this trip.

Someone forgot to tell Wanli that the Step Up trend died in 2010 when Channing Tantum decided not to do Step Up 3. Also check out that FRS, it looks like such minimal effort for a TAS car. This is the wanli booth I have criticism for at TAS. Say that fast.

Caught this guy in the left corner salivating over this Lexus IS.

Glad I was able to check out the T-Demand GS in person. So flawless.

Crazy how most of the crowd was here for the models instead of the cars.

How Ariel from the Littler Mermaid would’ve modified a car.

Never thought of Nankang as a performance tire, I’ve always thought of Nankangs as cheap and easy to stretch. They need to sponsor the stance scene in America.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the cars of the future looked like this van. Those headlights are so ridiculous.

Glad to see BN Sports back on the map at TAS. In my opinion, they make the most stylish kits for drift cars. This FD is what I needed to see at TAS for my SC, such a big inspiration to work on my SC. This is what I miss about the car scene in the states. I haven’t seen a car that inspired me in a very long time. It’s been a influx of the Pandem kits and AIRLIFT combo on a majority of cars at meets and shows in the states.

How to get the attention of 100 Japanese men, put a girl on a stripper pole. Ya’ll know you guys have Soap Land and Pink Salon right?

Wish we went on a Friday because this was what my view consisted of 90% of the fucking time.

Fuck The Police in a good way.

You know when looking at this car it looks pretty basic, but Spectra Grafix picked a really good car to show off the quality of their products. Look at he curves, the basic bumper with no fog lights and wheels with no design, so you can just focus on the paint quality only.

Big boss Nakkan putting on a HOODRATstuff sticker on the Old & New Porsche. Thanks Nakkan! It’s a big honor that you put our sticker on.

Is it a chrome wrap? Nah son, it’s paint.

Man this Crown from Aless would be perfect if it didn’t have the chicken wire bottom grill. Chickens aren’t suppose to be in coops, they’re meant to be free.

Next level show queen trailer.

More chicken grille. #chickenlivesmatter

This widebody Miata NC tho. Man that rear does it for me, I wish the front fender went down more towards the bottom of the door.

Spotted Sara being a star girl at the Old & New x Spetra paint booth.

Aimgain bringing the heat with a whole range of cars kitted with AIMGAIN. This is the new Stance Nation x AIMGAIN collab FRS kit.

My God this FD is absolutely amazing. It’s called the Humbul and fuck it made me humble about my car real quick.

The new Pandem R32. It looks pretty cool, I’m waiting for the 10 other people who pre-ordered the kit and to see it in 10 different colors at the same meet to decide if I’m in love or not.

God damn is all I have to say about the AIMGAIN NSX.

Liberty Walk Lexus LS? Wow.

Visited Ty from Hectopascal at the GMG booth and met Diana who ends up taking my phone to text random shit to Sara.

It ended up being Sara and Diana’s lunch time, so we met up with Sara at the food court for some fast ramen and soft serve.

We escorted Sara back at her booth and I thought it would be a good time to shoot her.

A hoard of Japanese men ended up falling from the sky and got in the way of my shots.

I didn’t really like how the wide angle made Sara look, so I decided to see what my portrait 55mm lens that I got from Russia could do. I love how these came out.

Varis GTR on Advans. This is the kit I would get if I owned a GTR.

Man FDs were catching my attention very easily at TAS. I think it’s a sign for me to go buy one.

I can’t believe Vertex brought out their SC to TAS. This SC is fucking goals.

*heavy breathing*

Got to be on Joey‘s live stream and show everyone how awkward I am in front of the camera. 

I hope the rivets on this kit are strong enough to hold her weight.

This girl was trying to give away lanyards, but everyone was zooming so close to her tits that they couldn’t see what was in her hands.

Awesome to still see an Aristo at TAS.

Wish I owned this car when I was playing Pokemon GO. 

TAS even had a concert hall where the pineapple pen guy performed.

Recaro seats are so comfortable, they made this room into a movie theater with Recaro seats only.

Abbitt checking his phone to see if Mace and Maui are working or not.

Another year of amazement at Tokyo Auto Salon! I hope you enjoyed the photos and I recommend everyone to go sometime in your life. My tickets were only $465 round trip when I checked early in August. It will be a memorable experience for any car enthusiast. Check back to see all the tourists stuff that we did.



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