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 Another day, another trip down south for a car show in Japan. The Nagoya Exciting car show was recommended by my friend Colin to check out. This was a car show filled with every JDM fanboy’s dreams. Japanese racing cars from drift to time attack were in an attendance and so were the companies that built or sponsored them.

jptrip2 115

Wide RX-7 drift ready on a set of Enkei T6S.

jptrip2 117

The Endless FT86 rocking a blue panther livery on some Enkei PF01.

jptrip2 119

All of these Japanese company cars make rocking Enkei wheels that aren’t RPF1s look good.

jptrip2 121

This track Mercedes AMG GT was looking deadly at the show.

jptrip2 124

jptrip2 125

What’s cool in Japan is that they are super into sports compact motor sports. Walking around the show there were a ton of  compact cars that were designed for the track.

jptrip2 126

Triplets of Abarths.

jptrip2 127

This wide E90 was looking mean on Work Meister M1R.

jptrip2 133

jptrip2 128

jptrip2 130

A rare sight to see in the States and ever rarer in Japan. A pristine GMC Delorean.

jptrip2 132

jptrip2 134

Crazy livery design on this Porsche by Rush Motor Sports.

jptrip2 136

jptrip2 137

Low riders in Japan?

jptrip2 141

S13 with an Odyvia front end.

jptrip2 381

jptrip2 143

jptrip2 315

jptrip2 389

jptrip2 144

Exotics left and right at this show, probably what makes this show exciting for the Japanese.

jptrip2 146

jptrip2 148

Didn’t know I could like a car with anime print on it, but this 86 proved me wrong.

jptrip2 149

jptrip2 154

Chaser dreams. Can’t wait for the 25 year rule in the States to lift for these cars to come over.

jptrip2 155

jptrip2 156

jptrip2 157

Be prepared to see a whole lot of GTRs from R32-R35s.

jptrip2 158

jptrip2 159

jptrip2 160

jptrip2 163

jptrip2 164

jptrip2 165

jptrip2 166

Some of the booths had extravagant setups and sold most of their products for cheap.

jptrip2 168

So mean.

jptrip2 318

jptrip2 170

Origin Labo Chaser.

jptrip2 171

jptrip2 172

jptrip2 174

jptrip2 320

jptrip2 322

jptrip2 324

jptrip2 289

jptrip2 290

jptrip2 291

jptrip2 175

All of the Origin Labo cars were pretty awesome. Can’t believe these cars in Japan are like NASCAR cars to us in the States.

jptrip2 176

jptrip2 181

jptrip2 184

jptrip2 187

BRIDE seats for sale.

jptrip2 188

Not really sure what was going on here, but it was the only place to sit and kick it.

jptrip2 190

jptrip2 191

jptrip2 192

Japanese livery is so boss.

jptrip2 193

jptrip2 194

jptrip2 196

jptrip2 197

jptrip2 199

jptrip2 202

jptrip2 201

HRE wheels with the coolest truck/display at the show.

jptrip2 205

jptrip2 207

jptrip2 209

jptrip2 212

jptrip2 216

jptrip2 218

jptrip2 222

jptrip2 223

jptrip2 225

jptrip2 241

jptrip2 228

Pink never looked so right on this S14 on Work Equips.

jptrip2 229

jptrip2 231

jptrip2 232

jptrip2 235

jptrip2 237

That radius and fitment is too fucking cool.

jptrip2 239

jptrip2 242

jptrip2 245

jptrip2 249

jptrip2 252

jptrip2 370

jptrip2 255

jptrip2 253

jptrip2 262

jptrip2 256

jptrip2 257

jptrip2 258

jptrip2 139

They get crazy with body kits here in Japan even on Lambos.

jptrip2 265

jptrip2 267

jptrip2 268

jptrip2 270

jptrip2 274

jptrip2 276

jptrip2 278

STF garage S15.

jptrip2 282

That dragon is bedazzled on…

jptrip2 287

jptrip2 292

jptrip2 293

jptrip2 295

Top Secret R35.

jptrip2 299

D1GP judge and driver answering questions at the meet and greet.

jptrip2 305

jptrip2 309

jptrip2 310

jptrip2 311

jptrip2 313

Crazy they had a whole dealership setup, and salesmen to sell you cars at the show.

jptrip2 316

jptrip2 325

jptrip2 331

jptrip2 332

jptrip2 333

jptrip2 335

jptrip2 337

jptrip2 338

jptrip2 339

jptrip2 341

jptrip2 342

jptrip2 343
jptrip2 347

jptrip2 348

jptrip2 349

jptrip2 350

jptrip2 352

jptrip2 354

jptrip2 355

jptrip2 358

jptrip2 364

jptrip2 368

jptrip2 369

jptrip2 371

jptrip2 373

jptrip2 377

So, what’s it like to be a bad bitch? “Well…”

jptrip2 384

Ken Nomura just chilling at his booth.

jptrip2 388

jptrip2 391

jptrip2 395

jptrip2 403

I use to see the Pandora One RWB everyday when I worked at Illest, but seeing one from Japan made me fall in love with RWB Porsches all over again.

jptrip2 396

Especially when this one had such a clean paint job.

jptrip2 397

jptrip2 246

jptrip2 400

People were laughing their asses off when they saw Neel’s FTP shirt.

jptrip2 401

I guess they don’t like the police here too.

jptrip2 404

jptrip2 405

jptrip2 407

jptrip2 475

Japanese models look dangerous.

jptrip2 476

jptrip2 409

jptrip2 411

jptrip2 415

jptrip2 421

jptrip2 422

jptrip2 423

jptrip2 425

jptrip2 426

jptrip2 427

jptrip2 429jptrip2 430

jptrip2 431

jptrip2 432

JDM muscle.

jptrip2 436

jptrip2 438

BN Sports kits are still king to me especially on these FDs

jptrip2 441

jptrip2 446

jptrip2 447

jptrip2 449

jptrip2 455

jptrip2 456

jptrip2 460

jptrip2 461

jptrip2 466

jptrip2 470

jptrip2 472

jptrip2 473

A little food court with street Japanese food.

jptrip2 474

Thank you Japan for once again leaving me in awe after a car event.


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